Kairos Christian Academy (KCA) is a ministry of Brazosport Christian Center, a school located in Southern Brazoria County in the City of Clute, TX.

KCA exists to assist parents in the education of their children working to instill Biblical principles and Christian character in the student. It is our intention to build upon the home’s foundation with an education that provides for the student’s development spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.

At KCA students have an opportunity to thrive in an environment where they can feel safe and relate with staff and classmates with similar beliefs.  There are many to choose from and we are honored that you are considering our school and would encourage you to give us a call to schedule a tour.

We have the privilege of “Raising Young Christian Leaders.”

Mission & Vision

Impacting students through Christian education, transforming their lives to transform the world by:

  • To develop in each student a love for the Person and work of Jesus Christ coupled with a respect and fear of the Lord.
  • To develop an appreciation of the Bible and the ability to daily apply Biblical truths to live a life consistent of Biblical principles.
  • To meet or exceed the graduation requirement standards preparing each student for college and their future.
  • Enable students to master the tools of learning so that they will think clearly, logically, and independently.
  • Provide a Christian Environment where each student can grow, learn and develop their full potential.
  • Promote academic success through developing each student’s critical thinking ability based upon a Biblical worldview.


Kairos Christian Academy uses the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum.  A.C.E. is an individualized, self-instructed, biblically based curriculum.  For over forty five years, A.C.E. has helped schools all over the world. In this system, the student is placed at his/her academic ability rather than his/her chronological level. This is how we are able to provide an education that is individualized to each student. KCA focuses on Christian character training and outstanding academic accomplishments by its students.

Learning Centers

LOWER (Grade Levels PRE K - 2) - Teacher: Andrea Lopez

Here in the Lower Learning Center we administer three Accelerated Christian Education programs for grade levels Pre-k – 2. The ABC’s with Ace and Christi program walks each student through the process of learning to read. The Kindergarten with Ace and Christi program is designed to prepare each student to read. Once students complete these programs they move on to work the PACE system lock-step as a group until they have shown to be comfortable with individualized learning. You can expect each student to develop a passion to read and a heart for Jesus.

MIDDLE (Grade Levels 3 - 7) - Teacher:

The Middle Learning Center consists of grade levels 3-7.  We understand that not every child has the same learning style as every teacher does not have the same teaching style. We take this into account and pride ourselves on being able to work one on one with every student as needed in order to help them succeed in achieving their goals. Here, learning is the constant and time is the variable. We work strive to instill Christ in their hearts and actions.

UPPER (Grade Levels 8 - 12) - Teacher: Lourdes Manzano

The Upper Learning Center consists of grade levels 8 - 12. Our goal is to raise young Christian leaders with Christ like characteristics with the best education possible; in a positive and motivated environment. In our learning center we prepare students to be successful in their daily goals as well as their future goals. We prepare them to have a successful college life but also preparing them to face the world in which we live in from a Christian worldview.

Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather conditions or other emergency situation  threatening Southern Brazoria County or our surrounding area, KCA will keep parents and students informed via email, updates on the KCA website, Facebook or GroupMe regarding school operations, including school closure, cancellation of any school event. Our normal practice is if BISD closes due to a hurricane or severe weather, KCA will close as well. Check with KCA regarding reopening dates following severe weather as we may not follow BISD.


Contact Us

211 South Lazy Lane Clute, TX 77531 | 979.529.2123 | Like KCA on Facebook!

If you are interested in enrolling your student visit our admissions page and call us at 979-529-2123 to schedule an appointment.